CGA - Rranking The pri­ma­ry play screen for CGA. This is where play­ers rank poten­tial solu­tions to the focal issue of the game. Play­ers drag-and-drop their selec­tions into the appro­pri­ate buck­ets, accord­ing to their opin­ion. Option details and acces­si­ble selec­tion but­tons are pro­vide on the right. The left pan­el pro­vides more detail on the select­ed option. A chat pan­el allows mod­er­a­tors to assist users in real time and facil­i­tate the delib­er­a­tion process. CGA - Select Avatar The user selec­tion screen allows users to select anony­mous avatars. This sim­ple modal keeps the user in the con­text of the game, while they pick a fun char­ac­ter to rep­re­sent them­selves. (Illus­tra­tions not my own). CGA - User List Game admin­is­tra­tors are able to cus­tomize user capa­bil­i­ties. This allows for flex­i­ble game design for dif­fer­ent groups and sub­jects of dis­cus­sion. A crit­i­cal point of this social game is to pro­tect the pri­va­cy of play­ers, while col­lect­ing and report­ing feed­back in a use­ful way.