Chairish Homepage Chairish Pinkbook Pricing Guide The Pink Book pric­ing guide is a good exam­ple of new com­po­nent that I built entire­ly. The page com­bines unique queries in MySQL and Elas­tic­search, respon­sive lay­out, and a lit­tle bit of JavaScript.   Chairish Blog Homepage For the blog, I mod­i­fied an exist­ing theme to match the Mar­ket­ing team’s design. I also wrote some end­points and a cus­tom plu­g­in to bring ele­ments from the e-com­merce site to the blog, and make the mar­ket­ing expe­ri­ence and shop­ping expe­ri­ence seam­less. Exam­ples include the uni­ver­sal head­er and foot­er, email signup, and abil­i­ty to embed Chairish prod­ucts with­in blog posts. Chairish Blog Post