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Picbounce Facebook

Photo-Sharing iPhone App and Supporting Website

While interning at Clixtr Inc., I worked on a photo-sharing iPhone app called PicBounce. In addition to assisting with interaction design on the native iOS app, I designed and styled the product’s landing page, as well as supporting pages for viewing and sharing photos on the web.

For this project I worked in XCode to create interactive elements for iOS devices. I had the opportunity to add user interface elements as we expanded the features of the app. I designed new filter effects and backgrounds for photos, added interface elements, and improved the overall look and feel of the application.

Another one of my major responsibilities was designing and building pages in HTML, CSS, and Ruby for the PicBounce web app. These pages allowed users to view the photos that they uploaded and share via the included URL. For this primarily mobile app, I created responsive layouts for full desktop browsers as well as smaller device screens.

Working on this app also provided valuable experience around launching a product. I started working for Clixtr before the initial release of PicBounce, and actively participated in preparation for the launch. This included designing promotional materials, building a Facebook page, and doing research to determine the best strategy for releasing the product. The release of the app was successful and it reached number one in the iOS App Store under the Social Networking category.